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Koke Order Picker Platforms Continue to Become the Industry Standard

As order pickers enjoy their continued rise in popularity due to modern warehousing methods, order picker platforms are seeing a similar rise in popularity as well.  Koke Order Picker Platforms are built to order and designed to fit your order picker precisely.  We can customize…

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Hydraulic vs. Mechanical Dock Levelers

The difference between a hydraulic and mechanical dock leveler is obvious on the surface – the hydraulic leveler works automatically with the push of a button, while the mechanical leveler is activated with a pull chain. The most important is the cost of ownership. A…

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Koke Incorporated is the industry leader in Construction Safety Equipment

Koke Incorporated is the industry leader in Construction Safety Equipment. We offer a variety of Materials Handling Products that include Forklift Accessories, Warehouse Equipment, and Safety Equipment. Koke Inc offers an extensive line of quality materials handling devices that are sure to make any work environment safe and effective.

Please email us at [email protected] or contact us with any questions you might have concerning Koke Inc. We are dedicated to ensuring that our customer’s are 100% satisfied with our service.

Koke Manufacturers a Wide Range of Products Featuring Self Dumping Hoppers

Koke Incorporated offers an extensive line of products that are essential to any operation moving materials. We offer such products as Dock Bumpers, Self Dumping Hoppers, Man Baskets, Yard Ramps and Dockboards. All of our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and we guarantee their dependability. Whether your company is moving heavy-duty materials or lightweight parts, Koke Incorporated will have a materials handling solution for the task.

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