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Understanding Self-Dumping Hoppers: Efficiency, Safety, and Applications

By , Posted in Forklift Attachments

In the world of material handling, efficiency and safety are top priorities. Enter self-dumping hoppers, versatile tools that have found a crucial place in industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and waste management. Let’s explore their mechanics, benefits, diverse types, and wide-ranging applications. What Are…

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Enhancing Order Picking Efficiency in Warehouses: Strategies and Best Practices

By , Posted in Warehouse

Efficiency in order picking stands at the core of streamlined warehouse operations. As the demand for rapid and accurate order fulfillment escalates, warehouses are compelled to explore innovative solutions that enhance their picking processes. When it comes to warehouse optimization, there are a number of…

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What Type Of Man/Personnel Basket Can I Put On My Lift?

By , Posted in Forklifts, Materials Handling

That’s probably the most common question we get asked here at Koke. And it’s not always an easy answer. That’s why we have a process we walk customers through to figure out which basket is best (and legal) for their particular situation. Classes Of Man…

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Need New Forks for a Forklift? Koke, Inc. Has the Right Product for the Job

By , Posted in Forklift Attachments, Materials Handling

Forks are the unsung heroes of lift trucks. They’re simple and get the job done — but when you need a different-sized fork, fork extensions, or replacement forklift fork, it can be tough to decide what product best meets your needs. At Koke, Inc., we…

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Why OSHA Materials Handling Compliance is Crucial

By , Posted in Materials Handling

At Koke Inc., our engineers and fabricators know the gold standard for safety is OSHA compliant construction equipment. When any product leaves our facility it meets compliance standards, but the responsibility for using it safely at the worksite ultimately lies with the customer. Here are…

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These Red Flags Indicate Your Forklift Man Basket Needs Replacing

By , Posted in Forklift Attachments, Materials Handling

Before any worker gets into a forklift man basket at a worksite a visual inspection is conducted after a trial lift to make sure OSHA’s safety requirements are met. A key part of that inspection is checking the structural integrity of the basket to determine…

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3 Steps Your Warehouse Must Take to Handle Materials Safely and Quickly

By , Posted in Materials Handling, Safety Equipment

Warehouse orders are up all over the country. And now more than ever, safe workspaces are essential to keeping employees and staying in business. Take these 3 steps today to keep your personnel safe, and your orders speedily filled. Your warehouse has specific needs. Are…

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How is Koke Inc. an Essential Company?

By , Posted in News & Press

We all see notices daily that companies are deeming themselves “Essential” for various reasons and many of those reason may not seem essential to us at all. Homeland Security created its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce (CISA) on March 19,2020 which is the…

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Why to Not Buy Forklift Attachments Online

By , Posted in Forklift Attachments, News & Press

When researching online where to purchase forklift attachments, you may be tempted to purchase your forklift accessories from online retailers like Global, Northern Tool, or Amazon rather than the manufacturer. If that’s the case, buyer beware. The truth is, when you buy forklift attachments from…

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Forklift Truck Capacity: Will My Truck Lift It?

By , Posted in Forklift Attachments, Forklifts, Instructional, News & Press

We get calls every day when customers are shopping our forklift attachments, safety baskets, and order pickers, asking: “Will my truck lift it?” The truth is, forklift attachments do affect your overall forklift truck capacity, and whether your truck will lift it or not depends…

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