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How is Koke Inc. an Essential Company?

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We all see notices daily that companies are deeming themselves “Essential” for various reasons and many of those reason may not seem essential to us at all. Homeland Security created its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce (CISA) on March 19,2020 which is the…

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Why to Not Buy Forklift Attachments Online

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When researching online where to purchase forklift attachments, you may be tempted to purchase your forklift accessories from online retailers like Global, Northern Tool, or Amazon rather than the manufacturer. If that’s the case, buyer beware. The truth is, when you buy forklift attachments from…

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Forklift Truck Capacity: Will My Truck Lift It?

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We get calls every day when customers are shopping our forklift attachments, safety baskets, and order pickers, asking: “Will my truck lift it?” The truth is, forklift attachments do affect your overall forklift truck capacity, and whether your truck will lift it or not depends…

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Investing in New Equipment is an Investment in the Future

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Since 1972, Koke, Inc. has been dedicated to supplying safety, construction, and materials handling equipment at affordable costs. Part of how we keep that promise is by investing in new production equipment to increase our production efficiency and keep end costs low for our customers….

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How to Know When Your Dock Board Needs to be Replaced

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Koke Inc. carries a wide array of high quality dock boards for your business’s loading and unloading needs. From our universal steel model to our high capacity rail dock boards, our dock boards are designed to withstand frequent use in your dock bay to help…

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What to Look for in a Successful Warehouse Manager

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Warehouse managers are essential personnel for any business with inventory, therefore many companies live and die on the strengths and weaknesses of those managers. Finding the right person for the job may not be easy, but it is crucial to do so, in order to…

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Six Essential Crane Man Basket Safety Tips

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When operating a crane-mounted man basket, it is imperative to follow the latest OSHA regulations, employ quality equipment and last but not least, use common sense. Some vital crane man basket safety tips include: Be Sure It’s Certified The first and most crucial safety tip…

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Maximizing Your Loading Dock Efficiency & Safety

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You and your customers invest a great deal of time and effort to get goods to and from a loading dock. That fact makes it essential that the loading dock is equipped and maintained in a manner that allows it to maximize, and not hinder,…

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Types of Lift Trucks: Choose the Right Lift Truck for Your Business

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Looking for a new lift truck for your business? In your search you may have noticed all the various types of lift trucks available for sale. Which begs the question, which one is right for my business? Lift trucks, also known as powered industrial trucks…

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Heavy Equipment Safety Tips For Docks And Warehouses

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Like anyone who works around heavy equipment, you know that having a healthy respect for these tools is not negotiable. No doubt you’ve heard a few horror stories about people who were careless with heavy equipment and paid the price for it, and chances are…

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