Alternative Uses for Our Snobucket Forklift Attachment

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Many of our clients know our Snobucket as a quick attachment forklift snow plow, but in fact it’s much more than that! With its 4,000lb capacity and self-dumping mechanism, we like to refer to our Snowbucket as a “materials bucket” because it can be used to lift and haul more than snow.

The leading edge of our snow bucket’s plate is a ½ inch beveled blade, so you can scrape and lift a number of materials, meaning our snow buckets can be used year-round for a variety of applications. Check out some of the alternative uses for our Snowbucket below!

5 Alternative Uses for A Snow Bucket Forklift Attachment

Snow Bucket moving mulchOur Snobucket can be used with ANY device that has forks including forklifts, skid steer, tractors, pay loaders, etc.. With its heavy duty components and versatile design, our snow bucket can be used to load, push, and dump a variety of materials in addition to snow, including:


Need to get some landscaping done around your business or on the farm? Or snow bucket picks up mulch and dirt with ease and the dual latch dumping mechanism deposits your mulch exactly where you want it!


Whether it’s carry gravel in construction or landscaping use, the welded construction and 4,000lb capacity of our snobucket can hold a lot of stones and save you plenty of man hours.

Wood Shavings

Wood chips and shavings can be a pain to clean up without the help of a materials bucket. The heavy duty beveled scraping edge of our snow bucket ensures no wood chip is left behind.


Transporting hay to feed your animals or barn cleaning has never been easier. Just simply attach the snow bucket to the front of your tractor to make it easier on yourself to keep your barn tidy.


No one likes to pick up trash or debris by hand. With a snow bucket, the cleaning up process is made a lot easier. Attaching your snow bucket to your pay loader can make transporting trash and clearing the debris of a construction site a breeze.

The Koke Snobucket: A Versatile Materials Bucket for All Seasons Use

When you purchase our Snobucket snow bucket, you’re not just getting one piece of equipment, you’re getting several! Investing in a snow bucket with multiple uses you can use year round means you save money on buying several expensive attachments required for different uses.

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