Why to Not Buy Forklift Attachments Online

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5 different forklift forksWhen researching online where to purchase forklift attachments, you may be tempted to purchase your forklift accessories from online retailers like Global, Northern Tool, or Amazon rather than the manufacturer. If that’s the case, buyer beware. The truth is, when you buy forklift attachments from one of these big box online retailers, you’re missing out on one crucial element of the transaction: the data plate.

Purchasing Forklift Attachments Online: What You Should Know

Add a cheap forklift attachment to your online cart? Before you check out, you need to learn the basics of forklift data plates, and how they relate to the attachments you’re purchasing.

What is a Forklift Data Plate?

A forklift data plate is the metal plate installed on the side of the forklift that shows things like the model number, fuel type, truck weight, and tire size. One key element of this plate is the Attachments section, which displays what attachments have been added to the forklift like different styles of forks, fork extensions, side shifters, and other accessories like carpet poles, drum handlers, and man baskets.

Why are Forklift Data Plates Important When Purchasing Forklift Accessories?

With every purchase of a forklift attachment, you are required by law to obtain a new data plate for the forklift that outlines your forklift’s statistics and capacities with the added accessory. When you buy a forklift attachment from a big box retailer, they simply don’t provide for that. That means you could end up purchasing a forklift accessory that a) doesn’t fit your forklift, or b) fits your forklift but once installed cannot lift the weight needed, because the addition of the attachment lowered your max capacity. Therefore, it’s crucial you get the forklift data plate from the manufacturer before purchasing.

The data plate is also in important part of your employer’s liability. Should an employee get hurt using an attachment that was not approved and the data plate is not on the truck, the employer is looking at heft damages, fines from OSHA, and losses on any legal battles if one should arise. Without an updated data tag, an employer is totally at fault and has no recourse. The owner’s insurance carrier may not even cover the company any more if the owner was knowingly negligent. Ask yourself this: Is saving a few bucks worth losing your business over? Can you afford the risk?
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Why is Purchasing Forklift Attachments from Koke Inc. Better Than Purchasing from Online Retailers?

Unlike the online retailers, when you purchase from Koke Inc., we guarantee the forklift attachment you purchase from us will fit, work, and handle the job you’re purchasing it for, because we help you get the data plate from your manufacturer before you purchase. We are an approved vendor with all the major forklift brands and work with you to make sure you are purchasing the right accessory for your forklift and intended job.

Guarantee Your Forklift Attachment Will Fit & Comply Before You Buy

Don’t go through the hassle of purchasing and returning a forklift attachment to an online retailer after you find out it doesn’t fit your machine or can’t lift the capacity you need. When you purchase from Koke Inc., our forklift attachment experts will ensure your attachment is qualified to fit your forklift and lift the intended load, by securing the data plate from your forklift manufacturer. If you have any questions on purchasing attachments for your forklift, call us at 1 (800) 535-5303 or contact us online using our online contact form.