Forklift Attachments That Everyone is Buying

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When it comes to transporting products and materials in a warehouse, nothing is more useful than a reliable forklift. But sometimes just a forklift isn’t enough. That’s when forklift extensions and attachments come in handy!

Forklift attachments and accessories come in a variety of styles and serve a variety of purposes. From the most basic forklift attachments to specialty accessories for forklifts, Koke Incorporated carries it all.

Here’s a quick overview of some of our best selling forklift attachments

Carpet Rams

Carpet rams, also known as forklift rug rams or carpet poles, make transporting unwieldy, heavy carpets much easier! These helpful forklift attachments enable the forklift driver to insert the pole into the center of a rolled carpet. This makes lifting carpets from the shelves where they are stored and moving them to other locations much safer and easier.

Lift Jibs

Lift jibs are a helpful forklift accessory when you need to lift long, bulky loads and objects such as bar stock, piping and tubing. Forklift lift jibs slide over the forks and attach securely to the lift truck, providing you with the leverage and the flexibility you need to lift long, unwieldy objects that would be very difficult to handle with a forklift alone. Many lift jibs are equipped with swivel hooks and shackles. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities, some including a telescoping feature to provide additional vertical lift.

Fork Extensions

When you need to lift large or oddly shaped loads in the warehouse, forklift fork extensions can make your task much easier and safer! Fork extensions slide right over your forklift forks, resting on the top of the fork and attaching securely underneath the fork hanger. They simply extend the forks, giving you increased stability as you handle large objects or awkward loads. Fork extension attachments are very user friendly and are easy to put on and take off as necessary.

For Reliable Forklift Attachments and Accessories, Trust Koke Inc.

Make the most of your forklift with durable forklift attachments and accessories from Koke Inc. We carry a wide variety of high quality forklift extensions including carpet poles, drum handlers, fork extensions, self dumping hoppers, lift jibs, man baskets and more. We also have specialty forklift attachments available upon request.

Browse our selection of forklift accessories and give us a call today at 800-535-5303 to learn more about how material handling equipment from Koke Inc. can benefit your business and enhance the safety and effectiveness of your work environment!