These Red Flags Indicate Your Forklift Man Basket Needs Replacing

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Forklift Man BasketsBefore any worker gets into a forklift man basket at a worksite a visual inspection is conducted after a trial lift to make sure OSHA’s safety requirements are met. A key part of that inspection is checking the structural integrity of the basket to determine if any defects are present. If the materials handling basket has seen plenty of wear and tear or somehow been damaged, it’s likely time to replace it. Here are some key signs to be on the lookout for:

  1. Damaged or missing data plates: The load-bearing capacity of the man basket must be clearly indicated on its data plates. OSHA requires trial lifts based on these weights before each use and these can’t be conducted accurately without this critical information. If the weight limit data from the plates isn’t available, there’s also a good chance the basket has been used in a way that it’s not rated for which can lead to serious damage compromising both safety and compliance.
  2. Guard rails and gates: Top guard rails, inner grab rails, and mid-rails all work together in forklift man basket design to protect personnel in their normal working positions. Locking gates on the basket need doors that don’t swing outward and can be easily secured to prevent falls. If any rails, access gate locks, or gate hinges aren’t functioning properly or are missing the basket should be taken out of service and probably replaced.
  3. Worn floor surfaces: The floors of man baskets take a beating from everything ranging from work boots to dropped tools to exposure to weather and caustic materials. The bottom line is that floors need to be slip-resistant and extreme wear degrades floor tread plates and toe boards.  If these components are damaged and can no longer provide the traction workers need to work safely it’s time to consider a new basket.
  4. Compromised safety components: Forklift man baskets are designed with several safety components that should be inspected before using the basket. Door safety pins, fall restraint systems, perforated panels, and harness hook-ups combine to create a safe environment for workers. If any of these elements aren’t working properly the basket isn’t fit for use.
  5. Unauthorized repairs: Koke Inc.’s material handling forklift baskets are designed by certified engineers and built to strict specifications. Any repairs or modifications to the man basket done without authorization not only violate OSHA regulations but put workers at risk. These worksite modifications also create a situation where the basket is no longer functioning as it was intended, which can lead to other structural damage and greatly increase the potential for a serious injury.

Replace Your Forklift Man Basket Today

Koke’s forklift man baskets are built to meet OSHA Standards and feature a diamond tread plate floor, 42” high tubular sides, front latching door, 60” high mesh enclosed backing, 4” high kick plate and provisions for a safety harness hook-up. Each forklift man basket ships fully assembled, ready to use. All safety baskets are painted yellow for high visibility.

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