Need New Forks for a Forklift? Koke, Inc. Has the Right Product for the Job

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Forks are the unsung heroes of lift trucks. They’re simple and get the job done — but when you need a different-sized fork, fork extensions, or replacement forklift fork, it can be tough to decide what product best meets your needs.

At Koke, Inc., we offer hook, shaft, and specialty forks manufactured to ITA specifications and meet the highest quality OSHA standards. Our forks offer the following features and options:

  • Our forged forklift forks are manufactured in pairs. This ensures every set of forks you purchase will have an even tip thickness and blade height. This consistency also means any fork extensions you need will fit perfectly.
  • Koke, Inc.’s quality forks are available in standard taper and full taper & polish.
  • A locking pin kit comes standard with each forklift replacement fork to keep the blade securely in place on the lift truck.
  • Available in Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, and Shaft Mounts, our forged forklift forks are available in lengths from 96” to 156”. We have over 300 forks in stock and ready to ship!

Now that you know what Koke, Inc. offers, the question is what type of forks do you need? The bad news is that just having the make and model number isn’t enough. Here are the specs our engineers need for the different types of forks we manufacture:
hook type fork extension

Hook Type Forklift Forks

Most light-duty forklifts use hook type forks that are ITA Class 1,2, or 4. Hook type forks use a pair of metal hooks that allow the forks to slide over the carriage and are generally used in materials handling applications with a lifting capacity of up to 14,000 pounds. Here’s what you need to know when placing an order:

What class is the carriage on the forklift? To determine that, we need you to measure the height of the carriage bar to the bottom of the carriage bar). This number will tell us if your lift requires Class 2 (16”), Class 3 (20”), or Class 4 (25”).

What size fork and which taper do I need? For size it’s simple – what’s the width, length and thickness just give us the measurements. Koke, Inc. also offers the option of a standard taper or a full taper and polish.

Forklift capacity: This one is easy. Our engineers need to know the lifting capability of the lift truck so they can make sure the forks will be safe and capable of doing the job.

shaft type fork extension

Shaft Type Forklift Forks

These forks are generally used on large forklift trucks and construction machinery to tackle heavy-duty materials handling jobs. They allow for a floating, suspension-like function that’s ideal for outdoor use and uneven surfaces.

Ordering or quoting shaft type forks is a little more complicated than the hook types because we need more measurements and dimensions and the forklift capacity. For a graphic that outlines the numbers we’re looking for check out the specifications on this spec sheet.

Specialty Forklift Forks

In the materials handling industry, forklift forks have different names ranging from forklift tines, forklift blades and some people even call them forklift teeth. But no matter what you call them, Koke, Inc. can work with you to design specialty forks for block, lumber, Class 4 (shaft-mounted forks). Our engineers can also come up with ways to modify forks and help you get the job done safely and effectively.

Koke Inc. offers all varieties of forklift forks & extensions. Browse our available materials handling equipment here.

Contact us today to talk with one of our expert engineers who will help you decide on the right forklift products to meet your material handling needs.

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