The Many Uses for a Platform Cart

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Universal Platform with side rails installedHow many different ways can you use a platform cart? Let us just count them!

  1. As a trolley. Our platform carts come in various sizes and weight-bearing capacities. You can transfer boxes, machine parts, supplies, product – you name it.
  2. Own a ranch or a farm, or otherwise have a large barn or warehouse on your property? Use the cart to transfer hay bales, harnesses, animal….droppings you’ve shoveled, plants for planting, even small trees and shrubs.
  3. As a dolly. Have something heavy to transfer but not enough bodies to carry it? Place a refrigerator, couch, large chair, bed, dresser, dining room table, etc. on top of it and transfer the item from one place to another.
  4. Need to pick items from warehouse shelves? Push the cart before you as you pick, placing the products on the cart as you go along.
  5. Are you in a band and need a cart to move your equipment to and from show venues? Folding/portable carts are the answer to taking the cart with you wherever your gig may be to help you move sensitive – and expensive – sound equipment and musical instruments safely and with easy.
  6. Is the platform cart compatible with a forklift (or can it be made compatible)? Then you can use the cart for moving pallet SKUs.

What types of uses for a Platform Cart can you think of?

No matter what you need your platform cart to do for you, we can put one together that fits your specific needs exactly.

We can place end and side handles on the cart. We can make those handles immobile style or detachable.

We can create a cart with an anti-skid surface. Need shelves? Specify your customization needs and we can make sure your cart comes with your custom specifications: we can make it with removable shelves or permanent shelving.

Whether our current stock of platform carts has the perfect cart for you, or if you need one specifically customized for your needs, contact the platform cart experts at Koke, Inc.