Self Dumping Hopper – The Right Tool for the Job

By , Posted in Materials Handling

When you work in a warehouse, it might be obvious, but one of the main challenges of the job is moving things efficiently. To do that, you need the right tools. Anyone who has tried to just “wing it” and see if they can move a pallet or some boxes with a little creativity rather than the right tools usually ends up with a mess. It can be inefficient, or even dangerous, to attempt a needed process with the wrong tools.

Self Dumping Hopper Ready to Transport Bulk MaterialsFor example, a self dumping hopper is indispensable when you need to store items but give yourself options for moving those items at any time. Planning for shifting inventory or distributing prior to shipping means making sure you have the right sized hopper. Assess the weight you’ll need based on your inventory for the best fit. Then make sure to get the right number of hoppers for your needs and the different locations around the warehouse that can use them. You can also move them with a forklift if your needs or their location need to change.

There are often additional benefits to having the right tools and using them effectively. A self dumping hopper saves you labor time and prevents injury to employees because they snap back to a secure locked position after the materials have been unloaded. But, with the simple addition of a snap on lid, you can improve the appearance of your warehouse for visitors.

Another purpose is to use a self dumping hopper as a satellite trash station. Have your staff clean as they go, keeping your site safe, clean and organized. This keeps materials from being thrown on the floor or rolling under shelving or storage. Put it in the right place, right away for maximum efficiency, even when there’s not a dumpster handy.

Recycling is another great use for a self dumping hopper. You can designate each one for a different material, and then store papers, cardboard and packaging materials until you are ready to take them to the recycling facility. With greater emphasis on cost containment, recycling packaging, paper, copper, cardboard and scraps is even more important.

With a little planning, the right tools can be used even more effectively. With limitations on time, space and manpower, having the right tools makes a huge difference in what you can accomplish. Select the right tools, make the most of your processes, and look forward to efficient operations.