Benefits Of Speaking With The Experts Before Buying Warehouse Equipment And Dock Equipment

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various dock and warehouse equipmentJust because some warehouse and dock equipment is available to buy directly online doesn’t mean it is the best decision for your business. Are you certain the product is the right size? Are all shipping costs being considered? Will the product allow you to get a new data plate for your forklift?

Koke has been manufacturing dock and warehouse equipment for over 50 years, and it is our experience that most businesses benefit from speaking with the equipment manufacturer before placing an order. In fact, many of our current customers have purchased online before, and have eventually realized that the combination of expert advice and customer service that we provide outweighs the ease of clicking a button to order a product.

What you will learn from a conversation with equipment manufacturers

When you have a need for new or replacement warehouse or dock equipment, the last thing you want is for it to arrive and not be usable. This can happen if the product is not the right size for the forklift, or not the right size for your workspace. Sometimes the equipment is not the right product for your application. And sometimes when it arrives you may realize that local or national regulations means you can’t use it. We don’t want this to happen to you.

To ensure that the equipment you buy is what you need, and to avoid unnecessary delays and headaches, we recommend giving us a call and talking to one of our experts. All it takes is a few minutes to go over some questions about your application and your location. It’s that simple. 5 minutes can save you days of downtime and possibly thousands of dollars.

Did you know? Adding attachments may reduce the capacity of your forklift. Our experts will talk to you about what forklift you have and what attachments you want to buy to figure out just how much this capacity decrease may be. We will specify products to your lift so that when it comes time to get the new data tag, you will have no issues.

Forklift ForksTake forklift attachments for example. While they are available to buy online, the listings don’t reference if they meet OSHA standards and if the attachments are used, if you will be able to get a new data plate for your forklift. When you call Koke, our team will make sure you are ordering the attachments that fit your forklift and will allow you to get an updated data plate. Koke guarantees that if you buy equipment from us you will get a data plate. In fact, we will help you with the process as we are a preferred manufacturer for many of the top forklift names in the industry.

Customized equipment requires expert guidance

It also pays to speak with an equipment expert if you are looking for something customized. Many online catalogs only include standard sized products. We have those. But we are also able to customize equipment to fit certain needs (as long as it falls within regulations). We can talk you through different modifications that may improve the efficiency of your operations.

We recommend a quick consult call for all our products: forklift attachments, safety baskets, dock equipment and more. Sometimes there are variables that people are not thinking about, or that they have never been informed about, that can have a huge impact on whether a product is the best option or not. The questions our experts ask each client are specific to where they are located and how they will use the product. And since this type of equipment is all we do, we make sure to cover what you need to know in order to make a confident buying choice.

Still don’t think it is worth the quick phone call? Take it from one of our recent customers who was looking for new carpet poles for his forklift. He told us that “Koke taught me more about carpet poles in 15 minutes than I had learned in years of working in the carpet industry.”

The best results come from a conversation. Let’s have one today.