How is Koke Inc. an Essential Company?

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toilet paperWe all see notices daily that companies are deeming themselves “Essential” for various reasons and many of those reason may not seem essential to us at all. Homeland Security created its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce (CISA) on March 19,2020 which is the bible every company has read over and over to see if they are in fact truly Essential for the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic.

Koke Inc falls under several of these categories, as we provide products directly related to the Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution and Transportation of these critical item. Let’s take toilet paper for example. Something we can all relate to these days as social media has made a frenzy out of this.

MANUFACTURING: Customers of ours including Essity, Irving Tissue, Kimberly Clark and Proctor & Gamble rely on Forklift Attachments and Dock Loading Equipment to produce lots and lots of toilet paper.

WAREHOUSING: Somebody has to store the toilet paper produced and there are thousands of warehouses across the United States doing just this. Our Order Picker Platforms, Forklift Attachments and Dock Loading Equipment are used around the clock at large Logistic Customers Like Saddle Creek Logistics, Americold Logistics and East Coast Warehouse and Distribution who rely on our products to keep the supply chain moving:

DISTRIBUTION: We want toilet paper! How do we get it? As society, we have 2 options to get this limited item we need so badly it seems.

1) Trek into our local retailer customers like Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Kroger Foods, Wegman’s, Publix, Hannaford and Golub Corp. to name a few and fight with the masses.
2) We order online and hope that E-Commerce customers like Amazon, Uline, WB Mason can get us what we need delivered right to our door.
All these companies need our Warehouse and Forklift items to make this happen for us.

TRANSPORTATION: Someone has to get our toilet paper to the retailers and directly to us. From Boeing to Fed Ex to Estes Express and many more, items like Fork Extensions, Order Picker Platforms, Safety baskets and dock equipment are used and abused and need replacing like tires on a car.

Every day we manufacture products and ship them to these necessary Supply Chain components. Everyone is doing what they can to comply with reduced work forces, safe distances and Health safety while also being asked to ramp up production and get it to us ASAP. Challenging times for sure but we here at Koke Inc are an Essential piece to this puzzle and will continue to do what we do best to get our Country back to being great again.