Propane Safety & Propane Storage Cage Requirements

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Does your warehouse use propane to power its forklifts? If so, and you’re storing propane tanks on site, its important to know the proper safety protocol for storing your gas cylinders to ensure for a safe workspace.

Propane storage cages like our Gas Cylinder Cages are used to extend the life of your propane tanks and protect them from being dropped or hit, preventing disastrous workplace accidents.

Don’t know if your propane storage method is up to snuff? We’ve provided a quick rundown of propane safety and propane storage best practices to protect your employees, visitors, and your facility.

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Importance of Propane Cylinder Cages

Gas Cylinder Cages are a key element of proper propane storage. Propane is already a hazardous flammable material, that when pressurized into a metal tank, carries a deadly potential explosive force if mishandled.

When you store your propane in a Gas Cylinder Cage, it puts a protective shell around your canisters, preventing them from being bumped, punctured, or knocked over. The tiniest impact to a gas tank can have disastrous consequences, like causing the cylinder to leak, rupture, or collapse which has the potential to cause a huge explosion, putting nearby people, inventory, equipment, and buildings at risk.

OSHA Requirements for Propane Storage Cages

Due to the hazards propane tanks present, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has put forward a lengthy list of requirements for proper storage, handling, and transfer of propane and other Liquefied Petroleum gases.

In regards to storage, a few of OSHA’s key storage regulations include:

  • Propane cylinders may be kept indoors our outdoors, but either way, they must not be stored near exits, stairways, entryways or close to high-traffic areas.
  • Propane cylinders cannot be stored close to or with other flammable or combustible materials.
  • Propane cylinders should be placed off the ground in a container that allows ventilation.
  • Empty propane cylinders must be treated the same as full ones for safe storage purposes.

**For a complete list of OSHA’s requirements for Propane Storage Cages, click here.

All of these regulations can be met by housing your propane tanks in a Gas Cylinder Cage.

Koke, Inc’s Gas Cylinder Cages for Propane Tanks

Koke has a line of durable and OSHA-compliant Gas Cylinder Cages for properly securing and storing your business’s gas cylinders on site.

Designed with safety and OSHA regulations in mind, our Gas Cylinder Cages have mesh sides and front door for proper ventilation, with a solid roof that protects cylinders from falling objects.
Our cylinder cages are also equipped with a lockable latch so only those employees properly trained on propane tank handling and storage can access them.

Store more than just propane? Our Gas Cylinder Cages can be used to store propane tanks, industrial cylinders, Nitrogen, Co2 or acetylene tanks!

Our tanks come in 2, 4, 8, and 16 cylinder options, painted OSHA’s required safety yellow color, and come fully assembled and ready for use. Need a custom solution? We can help with that, too.

Need new propane storage cages for your workplace?
Koke Inc has a variety of durable OSHA-compliant propane storage cages in stock. Contact our team of knowledgeable reps at 800-535-5303 so we can help you find the gas cylinder cage that fits your needs!

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