Dock Ramps 101

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If your business is doing a lot ofYard Ramp shipping and receiving, a loading dock ramp can help increase both efficiency and safety. Dock ramps act as a liaison between your warehouse and vehicles, making up for differences in height, and filling the gap between truck and building. As a result they keep your people safe and protect the goods they’re transporting. Dock ramps also improve the loading and unloading flow, reducing wait times.

Need help choosing a loading dock ramp for your business? Here are the two most common types of dock ramps and their features to help you determine which ramp is right for you.

Ground-to-Dock Ramps vs. Portable Yard Ramps

The two most common types of ramps are ground-to-dock ramps (stationary) and yard ramps (portable). To determine which ramp is right for you all depends on your loading/docking area and how you plan to use it.

Ground-to-Dock Ramps rise from the ground at a straight, gentle angle that ends at the loading dock. They are a stationary solution, often made of concrete or steel that is bolted to the ground at installation. This is the preferred choice if the location of your ramp doesn’t need to change. Ground-to-Dock ramps are traditionally used in fixed dock situations for long-term, reliable loading and unloading.  Because the ramp goes directly from the ground to dock height, there is no need for a hydraulic pump or wheels.

Portable Yard Ramps are typically made of steel and are equipped with wheels for easy portability. They are an economical alternative to the standard loading dock and offer more flexibility. The height can be adjusted to fit your specific needs, making it useful for ground to dock as well as ground to trailer, and a variety of other applications. Because yard ramps typically feature heavy duty wheels, they can easily be moved from one place to another, and if your business outgrows your current facility, a yard ramp can relocate with you. Portable yard ramps are the preferred choice as a quick loading dock solution, especially if you frequently need a ramp in different locations.

Koke Incorporated’s Portable Yard Ramps are made of all-steel construction, and built for ground to dock and ground to trailer applications. Need a temporary dock ramp? Ask about our monthly rentals! We also carry a complete line of Dock Equipment to handle all of your warehouse needs.