Custom Steel Fabrication

fabricated steel staircaseWhen local engineers, architects and general contractors need unique steel projects, they turn to Koke

Whether you’re designing a new building from scratch or refurbishing an existing building, quality is of the utmost importance. As manufacturers of quality steel equipment for over 50 years, we have the knowledge to help make your project both functional and safe.

We work with people from across the building trades to design and fabricate steel elements, both large and small. We’re the choice if you are retrofitting an existing building and need a custom, strong I-beam made of steel, or if you need steel beams as you change the pitch of the roof of your structure.

Koke is also the fabricator to call for unique and decorative elements within your structure. We can fabricate steel handrails and stairs for a safe, industrial look. And if you are going for the ‘decorative industrial’ look, we can build scultpures or fabricate steel plates to add something extra to your space.

Some of the most popular steel fabrication projects we have worked on recently include:

  • Steel components for retro-ing an existing building
  • Structural steel to tie into existing framework
  • Material to change pitch of commercial building roof
  • Custom fabrication for parts on homes, farms, and buildings
  • Supporting contractors with urban renewal projects (and making sure they are up to code)

fabricated steel railingIf you are a design firm, engineer, general contractor, or architect in upstate New York, we want to partner with you to keep your building safe! Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping clients create custom products to improve business productivity and promote safety. Our engineering department has designed many custom products over the years and our mission is to provide your business with a solution to any design or fabrication problems you may have. If your project is happening in upstate New York, from Albany to Plattsburgh, make the call to Koke. With a 5 minute call you can quickly find out if Koke’s steel fabrication services are right for you.

Talk to us today by calling (800) 535-5303, or send us some information on your project to get the process started.

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