How to Know When Your Dockboard Needs to be Replaced

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Koke Inc. carries a wide array of high quality dockboards for your business’s loading and unloading needs. From our universal steel model to our high capacity rail dockboards, our dockboards are designed to withstand frequent use in your dock bay to help you get the…

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7 Attributes of a Successful Warehouse Manager

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Warehouse managers are essential personnel for any business with inventory, therefore many companies live and die on the strengths and weaknesses of those managers. Finding the right person for the job may not be easy, but it is crucial to do so, in order to…

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Six Essential Crane Man Basket Safety Tips

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When operating a crane-mounted man basket, it is imperative to follow the latest OSHA/ASME regulations, employ quality equipment and last but not least, use common sense. Some vital crane man basket safety tips include: Be Sure It’s Certified The first and most crucial safety tip…

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Maximizing Your Loading Dock Efficiency & Safety

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You and your customers invest a great deal of time and effort to get goods to and from a loading dock. That fact makes it essential that the loading dock is equipped and maintained in a manner that allows it to maximize, and not hinder,…

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Types of Lift Trucks: Choose the Right Lift Truck for Your Business

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Looking for a new lift truck for your business? In your search you may have noticed all the various types of lift trucks available for sale. Which begs the question, which one is right for my business? Lift trucks, also known as powered industrial trucks…

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Heavy Equipment Safety Tips

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Like anyone who works around heavy equipment, you know that having a healthy respect for these tools is not negotiable. No doubt you’ve heard a few horror stories about people who were careless with heavy equipment and paid the price for it, and chances are…

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Steel Yard Ramps vs. Aluminum Yard Ramps

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Do you need an aluminum or steel yard ramp? The answer to this question lies mainly in the answer to another question: what you need the ramp to do? Check out our helpful infographic to compare aluminum and steel yard ramps and decide which yard…

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How to Install A Dock Leveler

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Koke Inc. offer Installation services for its dock equipment. We can deliver, install and remove with disposal of your old equipment for you. Here is a helpful guide to installing a dock leveler.

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Custom Towable Carts are the Solution for Williams Sonoma

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Koke Inc. and Raymond of New Jersey LLC teamed up to supply Williams Sonoma with 10 Order Picker Tow Carts.

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