Order Picker Platforms Built with Custom Specification to Be More Efficient

Posted in Materials Handling, Products

Not every warehouse or distribution center is the same. Not every picking order is the same. Not every picking worker is the same.

So why would you want to use the same order picker platform as the company down the street?

Instead, consider purchasing a custom-built order picker platform. Your order picking process will be more efficient as a result, resulting in orders picked and packed more quickly. Resulting in more orders going out. Resulting in more revenue on any given day.

Today’s order picker platforms are manufactured and designed to endure – and endure well – the relentless use they receive in today’s manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, etc.

Order picker platforms are made in either steel or aluminum and provide an even top deck on which to place picked orders. Fork pockets that are full-length in size provide the order picker platforms additional strength and firmness. Many platforms provide pallet grab wood blocks so that the platform can be secured to the order picker.

Some options include end and side handles that can be placed in either a detachable or immobile style. You also could order options such as an anti-skid surface (on the platform itself), shelving and even casters.

Whether you’re looking for an order picker platform that can maneuver more easily through your warehouse’s narrow aisles, or you need one with built-in shelving, or one that has removable shelving, you can have it made to our exact specifications and desires.

Why suffer through a mass-market-made order picker platform when you can have one custom manufactured for your needs – at a cost that’s not too much higher than for a mass-made platform?