Universal Backrests: One Size Fits Most

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Universal Backrests

A forklift load backrest is designed to ensure a forklift’s load doesn’t suddenly – or ever – fall on your driver.

They can come in many shapes and sizes and it can be difficult – or at least somewhat annoying to find one that fits your forklift.

But the Universal Load Backrest pretty much fits most forklifts. Using the Universal Load Backrest means you can reduce – if not eliminate – the need for service calls for measurements. You’ll also cut way back on returning load backrests because they don’t fit.

Universal Load Backrests have slotted holes that will accept any side mount hole pattern. Their design includes ½-inch thick side rails. In addition, widths are adjustable from 34-40 inches and 40-46 inches.

The packaging and universal design of these backrests make them ideal for dealers to stock them, as well.

Once you start using the Universal Load Backrests, be sure your technicians perform the following regular inspection tasks regularly:

•    Look out for cracking, missing vertical bars and bends.
•    Make sure the backrests aren’t in contact with any other part of the pallet truck, forklift truck during operation of the mast.
•    Be sure to look for missing or loose mounting bolts.

Universal Load Backrests aren’t inexpensive to replace or even repair, so it’s a good idea to train your workers to make sure they don’t use it as an anchor when they’re pulling things with the lift.

Shipping of the Universal Load Backrests in boxes via UPS also saves on your costs.

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