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Safety Equipment & Policies No Warehouse Should be Without

Posted in Safety Equipment, Warehouse

Warehouses can be a hazardous place, due to the prevalence of heavy machinery and the heights at which goods and equipment may be stacked. But with a commitment to safety procedures and equipment, the chance of workplace injuries can be greatly reduced. Here are five…

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Six Essential Crane Man Basket Safety Tips

Posted in News & Press, Products, Safety Equipment

When operating a crane-mounted man basket, it is imperative to follow the latest OSHA/ASME regulations, employ quality equipment and last but not least, use common sense. Some vital crane man basket safety tips include: Be Sure It’s Certified The first and most crucial safety tip…

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Essential Tips for Efficient Stock Picking

Posted in Products

Businesses face constant pressure to reduce labor costs within their supply chain, yet with customers placing more orders in small quantities, solving this challenge is often easier said than done. A great place to start, without question, is to streamline the order/stock picking process, wherever…

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Maximizing Your Loading Dock Efficiency & Safety

Posted in Instructional, Materials Handling, News & Press, Products

You and your customers invest a great deal of time and effort to get goods to and from a loading dock. That fact makes it essential that the loading dock is equipped and maintained in a manner that allows it to maximize, and not hinder,…

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Types of Lift Trucks: Choose the Right Lift Truck for Your Business

Posted in Forklifts, Materials Handling, News & Press, Products

Looking for a new lift truck for your business? In your search you may have noticed all the various types of lift trucks available for sale. Which begs the question, which one is right for my business? Lift trucks, also known as powered industrial trucks…

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4 Types of Materials Handling Equipment

Posted in Materials Handling

Material handling equipment is any tool used to aid in the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products. The equipment used to do so can be broken down into four main categories. Each category has a wide variety of useful equipment that makes…

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Heavy Equipment Safety Tips

Posted in Instructional, News & Press

Like anyone who works around heavy equipment, you know that having a healthy respect for these tools is not negotiable. No doubt you’ve heard a few horror stories about people who were careless with heavy equipment and paid the price for it, and chances are…

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Dock Ramps 101

Posted in Materials Handling, Products, Safety Equipment, Warehouse

If your business is doing a lot of shipping and receiving, a loading dock ramp can help increase both efficiency and safety. Dock ramps act as a liaison between your warehouse and vehicles, making up for differences in height, and filling the gap between truck…

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Meet Koke’s Heavy Duty Snow Plow Attachment

Posted in Forklift Attachments

Is your warehouse or construction site ready for winter? Put down the snowplow catalogue and get to know the Koke, Inc. Snobucket. Snobucket is a snow plow attachment that works with your forklifts, skid steers, pay loaders, and tractors. The Snobucket attaches to your existing…

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Is it Time to Replace Your Forklift Forks?

Posted in Forklift Attachments, Forklifts, Instructional

There is a lot riding on your forklift forks – literally and figuratively. If they break or malfunction while carrying a heavy load, not only can it lead to loss of product, but it can cause damage to property or the forklift itself. It can…

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