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Introduction to the Forklift Fork

Posted in Forklifts, Products

A forklift is only as good as its driver – and its forklift fork. A skilled and experienced driver can maneuver a forklift quickly and safely as he loads and unloads items in and out of fleet of trucks and warehouse. But without a well-constructed…

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5 Warehouse Organization Tips

Posted in Instructional, Warehouse

When it comes to your company’s warehouse, organization translates to money. That is, the less organized your warehouse is, the more time employees spend looking for an item; time is wasted. And, since time is money in business, your company loses money. The more organized…

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The Importance of Gas Cylinder Cages

Posted in Materials Handling

Gas cylinders should be treated with the respect they deserve – and put in a cage. A gas rupture can cause a huge explosion, possibly killing or maiming many people and certainly causing exceptionally costly damage to buildings, cars, trucks, equipment, and products nearby. It’s…

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6 Warehouse Safety Tips

Posted in Materials Handling, Safety Equipment, Warehouse

Warehouses can be one of the most dangerous places to work when it comes to accidents and injury: large and moving machinery (forklifts, for example) carrying heavy loads (pallets full of product) can be quite hazardous to your workers. Read below for six safety tips…

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Forklift Safety Checklist – Quick Tips To Avoid Forklift Accidents

Posted in Forklifts, Safety Equipment

When you talk about forklift accidents, people always think of forklifts tipping over. It’s true they can tip over without following proper safety guidelines, and there are also other hazards when using a forklift that get less attention, including crashes, pedestrian injuries and more. Proper…

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Shocking Warehouse Safety Statistics

Posted in Safety Equipment, Warehouse

Considering how many warehouses there are in the U.S. (more than 400,000) as well as the number of people who work in warehouses (more than 827,000 workers in 2018), it’s amazing there aren’t more warehouse accidents each year Here are some interesting facts regarding accidents…

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6 Potential Hazards for Construction Workers

Posted in Safety Equipment

Let’s face it, construction work by its very definition (the building of things) is inherently dangerous. Read below for some of the top six potential hazards for construction workers (and how to alleviate the danger). Slips and falls are quite common at construction sites, leading…

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Make Warehouse Work Easier and More Efficient

Posted in Warehouse

No one said running a warehouse or distribution center would be easy. Whether you store product or make it yourself, your warehouse more than likely is a busy hub of varied activities as you and your employees ensure that deliveries are accepted and stored properly,…

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Are You Using Your Forklift to its Fullest Potential?

Posted in Forklifts

Forklifts came into general use in the 1920s. They’re now used around the world to move a huge variety of materials. World War I was the start of a huge leap in the development of forklifts, as the number of men available for manual labor…

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Door Widths Trending Larger Requiring Wider Dock Plates

Posted in Materials Handling

As the size of your warehouse doors become larger, so will the need for a larger dock board and other dock equipment. Used to be, warehouse loading doors were a standard 60”-72” and so dock boards were stocked in that size. But now that doors…

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