Materials Handling Solutions for the Transportation Industry

At Koke Incorporated, we design and build high-quality material handling equipment that companies in the transportation industry, including rail distribution, rely on to keep the country moving.

From airplanes to trains to automobiles to subways, Koke has decades of experience crafting solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to help them efficiently move transportation parts along the supply chain.

Because parts for the transportation industry range from small wire harnesses to airplane wings, Koke’s expert engineers work with our clients to find the right material handling solutions. By putting our standard equipment to work or creating custom designs for everything from order pickers to drum handlers, it’s Koke’s mission to find the most efficient way to safely move products and protect them from damage.

Koke collaborates closely with the major suppliers that serve Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Magna, Robert Bosch, Norplas, Lear, Goodyear, Continental, Norplas, Harley Davidson, Honda, Boeing, Bombardier, Siemens AG, Saint Gobain and PPG.

Koke Inc. is the industry leader in custom manufacturing of equipment that moves product and people. Let’s work together to boost business productivity and create a safer warehouse and/or dock environment for your employees. Contact us today at (800) 535-5303 to learn more about how Koke Inc. can make a difference for your company.