Order Picker Accessories And Add-Ons

Order pickers have a simple, straightforward job. That’s why they’re called order pickers. But the warehouses and businesses that use them have all sorts of aisle configurations to navigate and an endless array of products to move.

That’s why Koke offers options and add-ons so customers can design an order picker that perfectly suits their needs. Whether you need heavy-duty casters to handle large inventory or mesh-enclosed shelves for small items, Koke covers it all.

Rails & Handles Push Productivity

Our most popular options are rails. We offer side rails up to 96-inches long and fixed-end rails up to 48-inches long. All of our rails can be made removable. Swing end doors up to 48-inches wide and heavy-duty rail add-ons are also available.

To help make platforms more maneuverable, we offer 6-inch diameter and 12-inch high pull handles are available on end rails. For added safety and capacity, mesh can be added to end or side rails.

Koke Casters Roll with the Toughest Jobs

No matter how good the order picker platform, if the casters aren’t the right match for the job it’s a recipe for inefficiency and unnecessary wear and tear on equipment.

4 green casters for order picker platforms

Koke offers three, exceptional options for casters that cover every application you can throw at them.

Premium — These casters are available in either a polyurethane or polyolefin core with 4 to 8-inch sizes at 2-inches wide. They are ideal for medium-duty types of work and have a 900 pound capacity.

Premium Tow – Available in green polyurethane on an aluminum core, these casters have a crowned radius and come in 6 or 8-inch sizes and are 2-inches wide. Slightly more robust than our premium casters, this model is great for heavy-duty workloads with a capacity of 1,250 pounds.

Steel Wheel – This is the workhorse of our casters. Available in 4-inch to 8-inch sizes at 2-inches wide, the steel wheel has an awesome 2,000 pound capacity.

All Koke casters also offer options for swivel locks, butterfly brakes, and 5-inch floor locks.

Shelf Units Reinforce Order Picker Capabilities

Adding enclosed shelves to order picker platforms make it much easier for operators to sort inventory and also promotes safety by keeping stock secure.

Koke offers shelving that complements our platforms in standard 24-inch by 72-inch sizes that can be stacked in two, three, or four on-mesh enclosed sections.

There’s also an option for adjustable shelves that are available in 6-inch increments and a fold-up shelf option to maximize space. Need another choice? We also have a 24-inch by 6-inch slide out drawer.

Upgrade Your Options – Get Heavy Duty

order picker with 2 shelvesFrom decking to corner bumpers, all of our features are available at different levels.

On the platform deck, customers can upgrade from the standard anti-skid platform surface to a 3/8-inch rubber floor or opt for the premium 3/16 inch diamond plate deck.

For strength and maneuverability, combine Koke’s Tow Package (male or female) with our 8-inch, heavy-duty radius edge tow casters. Keep those hefty loads moving safely with our 3-inch by 3-inch corner bumpers and hold them safely in place with the rubber clamp block upgrade.

If your company needs a heavyweight order picker platform, Koke has a top-to-bottom set of upgrade options including:

  • Upgraded frame from angle to tube.
  • Tube pockets in place of formed pockets.
  • More Cross Supports on decks over 48-inches long.
  • Top deck upgraded to 3/16-inch plate.
  • 3,000 pound capacity add on.

Let’s talk about the best options for your business. Whenever there are plenty of great options for a product, it’s easy to be unsure with sizes and utility. Call our engineers at 800-535-5303 to find out what options will work best for your warehouse and we’ll build the perfectly outfitted platform for your business.