Order Picker Platforms & Carts

At Koke, we know that simplicity of design and superior craftsmanship are the keys to making our products useful and durable. Following this approach, we manufacture a variety of order picker platforms and now offer custom sizing options.

For manual movement around the warehouse, our platform trucks come with multiple custom options such as deck type, number of casters, and railing styles. We also offer warehouse stock pickers made with Koke’s specialized Tube Forks. This feature allows operators to easily lift pallets or skids and safely elevate to pick orders.

With the fourth quarter upon us, now is the time to get the equipment to be ready for it. Get your Order Picker Platforms on order now before the rush. These built-to-order platforms are designed to mate up exactly with the specific order picker/stock selector they will be used on. The options & configurations you can have are nearly endless. Get them ordered today before lead times start growing!

View our Order Pickers below: