220 Series Soft Sided Truck Shelter

220 Series Soft Sided Truck Shelter

Door seals provide a means for trailers to attain a tight weatherproof seal against the dock. This Soft Sided Truck Shelter is the perfect solution to docks that accept all types of trucks. Dock Seals provide safety and security at your docks. By providing a weather tight seal between truck and building, wind, rain or snow cannot enter into the dock area, which can be a safety concern. The soft sides shelter allow various types of trucks to be sealed off at the dock, and is ideal for applications where trucks do not back squarely to the dock door. The side pads are “forgiving” and adjust compression against the truck as needed.

Ever have a truck come in off alignment and damage a side? It can never happen with this product. The side seal compresses as wiper side seals scrape against trucks. The 20″ projection foam side pads take the compression while the 20″ shelter curtains impact the sides of the truck.

The Soft Sided Truck Shelter fits virtually every door size. Shelter consists of 2 side pads and 1 fixed projection head curtain.

Standard material is black 40z. Vinyl. The 4″ yellow strip provides a marker for the trucks to hit the side pads squarely and evenly. Optional Protective flaps provide double layer of material on striking surface to increase seal life.

Docks with incline /decline approaches and additional building projections will not be able to use standard dock door seals.

For Any Size Doors!

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Freight Class: 150

(H x W)
220HYHY-WEAR20”12’ X 11’20”40”CALL
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