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Gas Cylinder Cages

Gas cylinder cages properly secure and store LP gas cylinders. Mesh sides and front door allow for ventilation. Solid roof protects bottles from possible damage. Each gas cylinder cage comes standard with a latch that is lockable. Good for propane tanks, industrial cylinders, Nitrogen, Co2 or acetylene tanks. Keep your cylinders protected and isolated in our durable cabinet.

Our gas cabinets are designed with safety in mind. Protect your employees, visitors and your facility by locking cylinders where they belong.

Painted safety yellow, these cages come fully assembled and ready for use.

Read our blog on the importance of gas cylinder cages.

Features of Koke’s Gas Cylinder Cages:

  • Lockable gas cabinet
  • Expanded metal sides provide ventilation
  • Safety yellow
  • Fully welded and shipped assembled

All systems are specifically designed to your requirements. Please call us with the details of your gas cylinder cabinet at (800) 535-5303.

Gas Cylinder Cage
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Product Details & Pricing

Freight Class: 125

W x L x H
KGC-2 2 CYLINDER 31” x 15.5” x 34” 110 $583.00
KGC-4 4 CYLINDER 31” x 32” x 38” 180 $713.00
KGC-8 8 CYLINDER 31” x 32” x 72” 225 $865.00
KGC-16 16 CYLINDER 32” x 64” x 72” 390 $1,670.00

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Have Questions or to Order Call the Experts 800.535.5303
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