Molded rubber dock bumpers

Molded Dock Bumpers: Rubber

Molded rubber dock bumpers are perfect for any low traffic dock applications. Each molded rubber dock bumper is a one-piece design that will not warp, rust or harden.

Manufactured from fiber re-enforced prime rubber with nylon, the dock rubber bumper will have an impact recovery of 95% with a durometer reading of 80. Standard tensile strength is 950-1050 PSI.

All molded dock bumpers feature countersunk mounting holes for ease of installation and accept 3/4” anchor bolts. These dock rubber bumpers are maintenance-free and absorb impact shock as the trailer compresses against your dock.

Molded Dock Bumper Features:

Molded rubber dock bumpers come with countersunk holes for easy mounting on poured cement foundation.

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Product Details & Pricing

Freight Class: 55 -or- UPS

KMB-1312413”12”4”4203/4” x 6.25”$60.00
KMB-1810418”10”4”2243/4” x 6.25”$75.00
KMB-1818418”18”4”3273/4” x 6.25”$87.50
KMB-2410424”10”4”2333/4” x 6.25”$90.00
KMB-3010430”10”4”3413/4” x 6.25”$125.00
AB43/4” x 6.25” ANCHOR BOLT$6.50

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