Rail Dock Boards

Rail Dock Boards

Steel rail dock boards are designed for usage on all types of rail applications, such as box and refrigerated cars. Industries such as paper and lumber rely on these heavy-duty steel rail boards to move product in and out of rail cars.

Every steel rail board is built to match the specifications of your dock, therefore a completed rail dock board work sheet is required with every order to assure proper sizing and capacity. You can find this work sheet at the bottom of this page.

All steel rail dock boards feature built-in lift loops for ease of moving. A durable box under structure fills up much of the gap between the dock and the rail car, and standard D-rings complete the locking of the board to the rail car and dock.

Rail dock boards can be manufactured with flairs on either car or dock side to assist you with tight turning areas. Please contact us for these applications.

Steel rail boards are available in capacities up to 80,000 lbs.

Rectangular or flared boards are available in capacities up to 40,000 lbs. Lift loops and spacer rings are standard. Each rail dock board is manufactured according to the information supplied on the Rail Dock Board Worksheet below.

Dock Plate & Dock Board Selection Guide (What Size Do I Need?) »

Rail Dock Board Worksheet

Rail Dock Board Specs

Specification Details
Use this printable Rail Dock Board Specification Worksheet to start the process of figuring out the correct rail dock board for your business.
  • Black and Yellow Dock Board
  • Chamfered Edge
  • side view of dock board

newly manufactured rail dock board rail dock board installed rail dock board

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Product Details & Pricing
15,000 LB.
25,000 LB.
40,000 LB.
60,000 LB.
96″Up to 36″0″ – 50″$4,024.00$4,310.00$4,837.00Call
96″37″-48″57″ – 62″$4,412.00$4,793.00$5,416.00Call
96″49″-60″63″ – 74″$4,787.00$5,260.00$5,978.00Call
102″Up to 36″0″ – 50″$3,767.00$4,076.00$5,002.00Call
102″37″-48″57″ – 62″$4,155.00$4,560.00$5,581.00Call
102″49″-60″63″ – 74″$4,565.00$5,077.00$6,103.00Call
120″Up to 36″0″ – 50″$4,253.00$4,652.00$5,209.00Call
120″37″-48″57″ – 62″$4,718.00$5,219.00$5,911.00Call
120″49″-60″63″ – 74″$5,166.00$5,714.00$6,598.00Call

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