The Snobucket Snow Bucket

The Koke Snobucket is our version of a Snow Bucket, built with heavy duty components for long life. It is designed for forklift use and attaches easily with a safety chain. The Snobucket is a quick attach forklift snow plow with a self dumping mechanism that is activated with a simple pull on the release cable by the fork lift operator. Click for full specs.

Snow Bucket Features:

  • Structural steel base
  • 1/4″ Plate Body
  • Heavy Duty Beveled Scraping Edge
  • Reinforced Fork Pockets Handle up to 2-1/4″x7″ Forks
  • Dual Latch Mechanism for Dumping
  • Pull Release Cable
  • 4,000 LB. Capacity
  • All welded construction

Freight Class: 200

Our Snobucket can be used with ANY device that has forks: forklifts, skid steer, tractors, pay loaders. For more information, view our recently written blogs: Benefits of Using a Snow Bucket and Meet Koke’s Heavy Duty Snow Plow Attachment. Be ready for a snowy winter!



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Product Details & Pricing

Freight Class: 200

(W x L x H)
SBF-6456-4 64″ x 56″ x 23″ 1.3 4,[email protected]″LC 780 $4,530.00

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For Questions About Material Handling Equipment or to Order, Call 800.535.5303
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