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Universal Order Picker Platforms & Carts

Universal Order picker platforms were created so that any feature or option you could want are incorporated in its design with the durability of our standard platform for the relentless use they receive in today’s manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. Designed as a building block, we have several options at your finger tips for immediate shipment. The days of waiting weeks or months for an order picker platform are over!

Standard Sizes and Features Ready to Ship

Whether you want a basic flat platform for moving products or you want to add end and side rails for security, our Universal Order Picker Platform can be customized to suit your need with ready available accessories. Our Shelf Picking Cart can be outfitted with up to (3) shelves. Each shelf is removable so you have the ability to configure them to optimize your order picking process.

We start with a base platform that has every possible handle configuration already on it. It also has caster plates so adding casters now or in the future is not a problem. Need shelves? The shelving option features a folding 70″H mesh cage and accepts up to (3) removable shelves! Now a shelving cart ships knocked down reducing your freight costs 50% or more.


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Universal Order Picker Platform Features:

  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Smooth Top Deck
  • Wood Clamp Block Standard
  • Integrated Option Provisions
  • Multiple Configuration Options
  • Quick Ship Availability
  • Reduced Freight Costs

Popular Options:

  •  Fixed or Removable Rails
  • Up to (3) Shelf Design
  • Casters
  • Push Handle

NEED CASTERS? We have 3 types available:

premium castersteel casterpremium tow caster

Polyurethane on Polyolefin Core

4” to 8” sizes x 2” wide

Precision Ball Bearing

900lbs. Capacity

Medium Duty Type

Steel Wheel

4” to 8” sizes x 2” wide

Roller Bearing

2000lbs. Capacity

General Duty Type

Green Polyurethane On Aluminum Core

Crowned Radius

6” or 8” size x 2” wide

Precision Ball Bearing

1,250lbs. Capacity

Heavy Duty Type


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Product Details & Pricing

Freight Class: 85


(W x L)

Please add an “A” or “S” at end of part number to denote Aluminum or Steel Material

Product Options

UP-H-40E42″ End Rail$280.00UP-H-40PHPush Handle for 40″W Platform$140.00
UP-H-42E42″ End Rail$280.00UP-H-42PHPush Handle for 42″W Platform$140.00
UP-H-48E42″ End Rail$280.00UP-H-48PHPush Handle for 48″W Platform$140.00
UP-H-42S42″ Side Rail for 42″L  Platform$280.00OP-C-5P5×2 Premium Poly Casters$225.00
UP-H-48S42″ Side Rail for 48″L Platform$280.00OP-C-6P6×2 Premium Poly Casters$225.00
UP-H-60S42″ Side Rail for 60″L Platform$350.00OP-C-8P8×2 Premium Poly Casters$250.00
UP-H-72S42″ Side Rail for 72″L Platform$350.00OP-C-BRCaster Brake$31.25
UP-H-96S42″ Side Rail for 96″L Platform$350.00OP-C-SLSwivel Lock$25.00
UP-SH-40C72″Hx22″D Shelf Cage for 40″W Platform$770.00OP-O-RDKRubber Deck / SQFT.$25.00
UP-SH-42C72″Hx22″D Shelf Cage for 42″W Platform$770.00OP-O-SKTP6’W Anti-Skid Tape / LNFT/$13.00
UP-SH-48C72″Hx22″D Shelf Cage for 48″W Platform$770.00OP-O-RCBRubber Clamp Block$76.00

Offer the Best Options for Modern Warehouses

multi shelf order pickerAt Koke, we know that as the warehouse industry continues to boom and inventories increase, businesses need to have equipment that boosts their capability to move, pick and ship products efficiently. That’s why our order picker platforms are built to last and can be customized to handle any type of inventory or warehouse layout.

Why Choose Koke?

Koke keeps our products simple, durable, and effective. Our order picker platforms not only perform well but are designed to fit equipment properly so both inventory and employees are protected. Cheap platforms available from other manufacturers don’t come close to meeting our specifications and can’t compete with the quality and finish you’ll find in all Koke products.

Designed for efficiency, durability

Because warehouses and products come in all shapes and sizes, Koke not only makes a variety of standard order picker platform sizes ranging from 36” x 48” to 60” x 96,” we also give our clients customizable sizing options. Whether your company needs a sturdy platform for an order picker that’s handling large stock or a custom compact platform to help navigate narrow aisles our team can make it happen.

When Koke platforms go to work on the warehouse floor, we guarantee they will withstand the rigors of constant, heavy use. Our order picker platforms are available either aluminum or steel and have a solid smooth top deck. For platforms that need to withstand the most punishing warehouse workloads, we offer our Heavy Duty Upgrade that includes tubular framing and re-enforced fork pockets for stronger base support.

Koke Teams with Leading Order Picker Manufacturers

Because Koke is recognized for manufacturing the best platforms in the warehouse industry, we’ve partnered with leading order picker machine and truck manufacturers to design and build platforms that fit their machines perfectly.

Koke manufactures order picking platforms for Crown, Raymond Corp., and Yale Inc. to help bring their products to the next level. These companies offer just about every kind of warehouse vehicle from reach forklift trucks to high-tech, automated guided vehicles.

order picker platform with 3 rails

Crown’s order pickers, reach and aisle trucks, stackers and forklifts offer superior performance and award-winning designs that make our team at Koke proud to partner with them. Combined with Koke platforms, order pickers from Crown can skillfully lift and maneuver anything from large, high-end furniture to delicate, smaller items (and everything in between).

Raymond Corp. provides products to furniture industry warehouses and their order picker truck is specifically designed for furniture handling needs. Paired with Koke platforms, this machine efficiently tackles heavy, bulky, and odd-sized loads.

For furniture selectors that put a premium on ergonomics and operator performance, Yale, Inc. is an industry leader. Yale’s order and straddle selectors provide reliable performance that will keep operators working steadily shift after shift. Koke platforms help their machines operate more safely by keeping products securely on the lift.

Tap into our experienceKoke’s expert reps are always available to help customers find the best platforms for their businesses. If you’re not sure which platforms are compatible with your order picking machines or need information on a custom order, call us at 800-535-5303.

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